CUBE I7: CORE M, WINDOWS 8 and Dual 4G

Cube is a well-known producer in Asia, but the latest stands out from the rest of its tender; Cube I7 is a hybrid tablet with an Intel CPU Broadwell at low voltage. M Core devices are no longer news, but Cube I7 is interesting because it is the first model designed specifically for the Chinese market, and the second for … Continua a leggere

Cube i7: A powerful Windows tablet

Cube i7 features a 11.6-inch 1080P IPS display, a 14nm Intel Core-M Broadwell processor at the speed of up to 2.6GHZ, a mighty HD Graphics 5300 GPU, 4GB RAM, and an impressive 128GB SSD SATA3. Besides that, the i7 also has USB 3.0 port and dual 4G support (FD-LTE & TD-LTE), which greatly enhance its productivity and usability. Measured at … Continua a leggere

CUBE i7 China Tablet with Intel Core M

Intel’s interest in the Chinese market tablets has resulted in a rapid implementation of its new Core SoC M in Chinas tablets. Now a major Chinese partners, CUBE, be the first brand to introduce a team of Broadwell generation SoC manufactured in 14nm and integrates a GPU Gen8 5300 and has a TPD of 4.5w. CUBE i7 is the name … Continua a leggere