Doogee DG650S, new 8-core tablet phone

After talking quite the Doogee DG800, terminal we were pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of its components, the phablet Doogee DG650S is proposed as a terminal with a greater increase in performance, quality and multimedia sector. If you think the Doogee DG800 is a phone with a quality that amaze, Doogee DG650S not disappoint with its great mix of … Continua a leggere

Ramos I9, tablet with good features at a price of $216.99

The Chinese manufacturer Ramos during the last hours has officially launched an exciting new Android tablet Ramos I9. This new tablet seems to have caught the attention of many users thanks to the excellent quality-price ratio feature with the Chinese manufacturer has excelled and has established itself in recent months. Ramos I9 tablet is a medium sized (8.9 inches) from … Continua a leggere