JJRC H11D FPV Drone with HD camera

JJRC H11D comes with all the latest features and a complete 5.8GHz first person view system.

This JJRC H11D drone is equipped with a 2MP first person view camera with tilt function. The vertical angle of the camera can be remotely controlled performing movements like someone nodding their head “yes”.

Somehow the design of this new JJRC model reminds me about the H12C, which is also a beautiful bird and a good flyer.

One of the most interesting thing of this new drone is that the motors are installed horizontally not vertically like in all other models. Due to this fact the motors can be replaced easily just in 30 seconds. Another positive thing regarding the JJRC H11D’s motors is that they are equipped with plugs and they can be replaced without soldering. JJRC H6D

Thanks to the high capacity 1100mAh battery the H11D drone has a very good flight autonomy, it can stay in the air around 11 minutes.

Mian features:

One key return

With FPV monitor

Motor can be replaced within 30 sec

With LED light, possible for night fly

2.0MP HD camera, 5.8G Real time FPV

With 2.4G Transmiter/ Easy Adjust Frequency

One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home

With Headless Mode/ no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying

Functions: 360° 3D Flips, Forward/backward, Turn left/right, Sideward flight, 360 degrees spin, Camera, Up/down

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