PIPO W3F Dual OS Tablet PC

PIPO W3F has a FHD 16:10 1920×1200, which looks very good on a 10.1” display. From a standard viewing distance, while using it with a keyboard, it appears crisp and retina. It’s a very good resolution for a tablet of this size. True, there are starting to be higher-res tablets available, but things do begin to get quite tiny beyond 1080p.

As the Pipo W3F is intended to be a work machine, the specs are quite decent. The CPU is Intel Baytrail T – Z3735F which has a 2MB cache, and is clocked at 1.3GHz with burst up to 1.83GHz.

The RAM on the Pipo W3F is 2GB. Storage is 32GB. In the dual boot configuration, you’ll have 16GB, of which 1-2GB is taken up by Windows. 5GB is relegated to the Windows recovery partition, 5GB is relegated to the Android app install partition, 1GB is relegated to Android /system.

The camera on the W3F is specced at 5.0MP, but looking at the images I’d guess this is interpolated from 3MP or less with mediocre dynamic range.

The Pipo W3F dual OS, as it came to me, is a multi-OS machine carrying Android 4.4 and Windows Bing 8.1. When booting the Pipo W3F, you will be presented with a choice between the two. You can also set it to auto-boot to your preferred OS and skip this screen all together.

The Pipo W3F charges fully in about 5-6 hours. This may seem like a lot, and indeed it may be more when comparing to some more expensive competitors, but for my use I didn’t find it a hindrance.

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