Mstar M1 vs Elephone P6000: Which one do you prefer?

Both smartphones have a pretty fun and easy care, lightweight terminals located below 170 grams in both cases.

Technically, both Elephone P6000 and Mstar M1 have very good specifications. For one, the Elephone P6000 has a 1.5GHz CPU MT6732 manufactured by Mediatek to 64 bits while the MT6752 has Mlais version 1.7. Both CPUs are 8 cores and offer outstanding performance, perhaps at this point, the M1 Mstar get a little ahead against the Elephone in raw power as its newest processor.

On the other hand, the M1 Mstar has 2GB of RAM while the P6000 Elephone only 1GB something that erode the overall system performance in terms of the actions that we develop and somewhat limited multitasking. Mstar M1 again takes the lead.

As for display, both terminals mounted a panel with IPS technology but in the case of P6000 rises Elephone 5 “HD resolution of 1260 × 720 and the M1 Mstar leaves at 5.5” but also IPS OGS technology. In both terminals we will not have any problem but the quality display screen may be noticeable much better in the Elephone P6000 only for its size.

In the multimedia section, both smartphones have great 13Mpx cameras with LED flash and autofocus on the back but on the front which highlights the Mstar the M1 because it has 8Mpx while the P6000 is just 2Mpx. If you’re into selfies definitely wins in this section the M1 Mstar.

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