Xiaomi Mi TV 2: New Smart TV from China

The new smart TV Xiaomi, Mi TV 2 (http://www.tinydeal.com/xiaomi-tv-2-40-miui-tv-mstar-6a908-15gb-8gb-w-usb-30-p-147284.html ) will be sold in China in late May and will cost 1,999 yuan (about $320), half of the original model.

With 40 inches compared to 49 of its first model, the Mi TV 2 includes internal memory of 8 GB and a backlit panel Sharp SDP X-GEN LED Contrast 5000: 1, announced the company’s own product presentation via internet.

The new TV has a thickness of 14.5 millimeters at its thinnest point and the screen has a slight curvature of 176 degrees, slightly less than the 178 degrees of the Xiaomi Mi TV.

It is expected that the “SmartTV” Xiaomi be available in other markets within two or three months, although the company did not specify dates for marketing outside China.

Other Chinese technology companies like Le Shi and Alibaba are trying their luck in the new sector of Smart TVs, through contracts with suppliers of digital content to be issued in these TVs by “streaming”.

Xiaomi, established in Beijing three years ago, became the company’s emerging market value of the world, and has managed to pull himself up to third place worldwide in smartphone sales, behind only Apple and Samsung. Xiaomi smart TV

All this despite the fact that so far has focused primarily on the huge Chinese market, although the company has already advanced that soon will jump to markets such as Europe or the US.


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