Xiaomi’s Bluetooth Gamepad Priced at 99 Yuan

Xiaomi is a company who has been making headline as of late thanks to their cheap yet decently specced handsets, such as the recently announced Mi Note/Mi Note Pro/Mi Band. The company has an interesting strategy which is to take existing technology and release it with a much cheaper price tag.

They have done that with the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank which costs significantly less than the competition, and it looks like they will be applying that strategy to gamepads as well. The company has recently announced their latest accessory that comes in the form of the Bluetooth gamepad.

The gamepad itself is rather basic in its design, but admittedly rather sleek thanks to its black finish and to a certain extent resembles the Xbox’s controller which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Xiaomi Gamepad will feature Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and is said to be compatible with your smart TV, Android Box, along with your smartphone and tablet.

Xiaomi is boasting that the device has an 80 hour battery life so you should be able to enjoy long gaming sessions without worrying that it will run out of battery. So how much will it cost? Well Xiaomi has priced it at 99 Yuan which is roughly $16, a fraction of what some bigger brands are charging, although we can’t speak for its quality and reliability since we haven’t tested it for ourselves yet.

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