Xiaomi Mi Band features review

Step counter – This core feature of the Mi Band has made me more aware of how unfit I am. I am new to the fitness tracker world, and already I can see how it will benefit me. I put in more effort to meet the daily step target (which you can set yourself; default is 8000).

I have not tested the accuracy of the counter, but from my use it seems pretty accurate. I estimate it has an error level of +/- 5 steps per 100 steps, which isn’t much. It also sometimes records your movements in bed as steps. But again, I view the Mi Band Bracelet as a device to give you a rough idea of your fitness level rather than a precise measurement device, so I am fine with these allowances.

Sleep tracker – I do not know how the band tracks sleep. Not much information is available on its technology. However, it does appear in my two weeks of use to be pretty accurate. It records the time you fall asleep and wake, as well as the light and deep sleep periods.

Vibration alert for incoming calls – This was pretty much the feature that sealed the deal for me. I often leave my phone in silent mode and as a result, miss a lot of calls. I have not missed a single call since I got the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Battery life – The battery life lives up to its advertised duration of 30 days +/- a few days depending on how active you are with the syncing etc. This is a huge boon for someone like me who hates having to recharge my devices often. It is a “wear it forget it” band.

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