Xiaomi Mi Band: low-cost activity tracker

The Xiaomi Mi Band does not have a very appealing design. The object is cylindrical and rather thick for a simple tracker activities (9 mm) despite reduced length and width dimensions (14 × 36mm). The device is charmless, yes, but does not claim to be appealing. His credo is to be useful for a great price.

So, its manufacture has to be also at a reduced price. Here therefore, not metal, but any plastic, whether the object itself (polycarbonate), the bracelet (silicone), or reloading port. Only the surface contact, where three LED display is brushed aluminum and makes a bit of elegance to the object. The bracelet – along 230 mm – easily blocks with a solid clip. Once worn, it is very difficult to lose or break off the Mid Band.

In general, we will here the same observation as that made with 3 Sony SmartWatch: at home, or hidden under a sleeve, this Mi Band is fine. By cons, to wear every day, this is not what is done more discrete and more elegant. Certainly, there is no real screen or details that can attract the eye, but it is a strange object to hold on to our wrists.

Components and autonomy

Mi Band has nothing incredible in its surface. Inside the object, there is a battery (lithium polymer) of 41 mAh, a chip Bluetooth 4.1 (Dialog DA14580), a vibrator, three LEDs and an accelerometer. Do not expect to other sensors, the accelerometer (manufacturer: MEMS) three axis stands alone in this product, and is therefore responsible for collecting the data on your days and nights.

This 41 mAh battery has a very good battery life. Xiaomi Mi indicates that the Band can hold about 30 days, but in reality it is a minimum. Many regular users testify to the holding of the battery, which can go up to two months of battery life. From our side, the situation is very similar because a week the band still has a charge of about 54% in that began around 65%.

Even if it is excellent, it should be noted that some bracelets are better. Precisely we think that we tested earlier: the Misfit Flash. The battery of the latter can take up to six months is ideal.

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