AXGIO NEON N1, beautiful quad core smartphone at low prices

AXGIO NEON N1 integrates a quad-core CPU at 1.3GHz frequency, at first glance it seems that it is not much, but it is said that its operating system Neonado is the most suitable time for MTK cpu, and with N1 are obviously a more satisfactory fluency. With 1G 8G RAM and ROM and allowing external storage to 32G card, meets the needs qutotidiane quietly.

If we select a bright spot of this smartphone Axgio, say that it is of your screen. The 5-inch HD IPS screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, is bright, visible and usable even in bright sunlight. OGS is not, instead it teatta of G + G lamination, so when you slide and tap on the screen you can still have a nice tactile experience.

Regarding UI, MIUI Neonado reminds us that invents a user interface based on Android but more flexible, but very different. It puts all the applications on the home page, just like iOS. I think it’s a good test, since it takes less action to reach the app. Neonado replaces the multitasking interface with an innovative interface named Aerial View Screen. The feature here is that, you can hide the apps you do not want to close by sliding your finger right on the screen, so as to be blocked apps that are running quietly even when you press the button to clear the memory of the app.

How MIUI, there are many topics in the forum neonado you can choose and change custom themes, allowing you to change the appearance of the user interface. We find custom themes to download on Neonado forum, or convert MIUI themes in Neonado themes is fine too.

The weight of Axgio N1 is in the medium level, as shown in the picture, however it is a very thin smartphone but not enough light. Among all the accessories in the package I have to say that the back cover is really nice for the color white.

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