INEW V8, 5.5 inch MTK6591 6-Core Android 4.4 Smartphone

iNew have amazed the world with their original models of smartphones. They have received enormous positive feedback for their iNew v3 despite the smartphone having some defects especially on the battery and the charging system. In general, the v3 is lovely for its originality and versatility. It features an attractive 6.5mm slim design, air gesture, OTG, NFC technology, a powerful 6 core processor and a solid Gorilla corn 2 screen displays.

We know that iNew are capable of pulling an original device. However, their v8 has been largely criticised as a Oppo N1 clone. They appear to share close resemblance that leave many wondering what are the distinctive features between the two and which would be the best buy.

There have been massive rumours that the iNew v8 runs on MTK6591 hexa core processor and that it will support 4G LTE. Nevertheless, we can boldly confirm that the Media Tek MTK6591 cannot power 4G LTE. While the N1 supports 4G LTE, the v8 doesn’t. The design and rotational camera of the iNew 8 has made it to be christened clone to Oppo N1 which was the world’s first smartphone to feature a rotational camera.

On one hand, the Oppo N1 Mini has a 5.9 inch display of 720 pixels which you don’t need to touch when using the phone because you can swipe and swoop with the excellent rear touch panel. On the other hand, the v8 features a larger 5.5 inch display of 1080 pixels. INEW V8 review

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