Android TV Box reviews

If you have been searching the web for a new Android phone online, you will find plenty of them. But what if you simply searching for an android system for your tv so that you can surf the web and maybe play a few games like angry birds? Well if so there is actually Android TV boxes, as they are called and they are plenty of them on the market.

As you are reading this articles, this article was all written on my WordPress Android app with my Android TV box. Obviously I have used a mouse and keyboard because it would take forever to write this article, but this simply shows you the power of these little TV boxes. The one that I got was one called MyGica and the specs are

– CPU: ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core


– Flash:  4GB

– OS: Android 4.1 with built in Wifi

Now for the computer guys out there we all know that you can get Quad Core systems with at least 2 Gig of RAM, and lets no forget the flash space. But for the average Joe out there that simply wants to surf the web, check emails and play a few android games, this will do the trick. Now the beauty is on the price since you can get these smart TV boxes has some call them for less than $100. Yes this is not a typo. For less than $100 you can play games on your TV and surf them web, and lets no forget Netflix and other streaming services as well.

And on top of that you can now get Android TV system the size of a usb stick that plugs directly to a tv.

Now some people might say things like computers are more powerful and such, but I personally think it is a mazing when a small box has more power than the 1990 computers and can surf the web and do so much more. Just imagine what the future as in store for us.

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