CHUWI V88S – 7.9 inch IPS screen Android 4.2 16GB Tablet PC

V88S chuwi launches quad-core tablet, posture of it’s flagship product to enter the market, and it proved the value and popularity of V88S: a short time to market cat sold 4,000 units, was created two minutes similar products sold in 15 sets of twisted records with the highest reputation, King King King Quad still experience, Word of mouth.

1) quad-core RK3188 strong, violent “core”

V88s use of 28nm process technology processor RK3188, powered by Cortex-A9 architecture, performance up to four times more than double the running large 3D games, high speed Web browsing, watch HD movie, brings the amazing race experience. Compared to the CPU performance 35%,GPU performance Tegra3 Tegra3 40%. Compared to previous Cortex-A7 performance 35%, in addition to more robust performance, new 28nm process technology, compared to previous 45nm process technology, machine performance upgrade 55%, 60% less power.

2) 8 hours play worry-free, the lead tablet range

Battery life short is the Achilles ‘ heel of most homemade tablet, many manufacturers have been trying to solve this problem. Chuwi lead to breakthroughs, the extended flat battery life significantly. V88S products once sold out after the response has been good, a large number of customers for its Super endurance ability recognized.

3) price spike quad-core Tablet

Fast paced life, inexpensive products seems to be more and more far away. Chuwi V88S tablets and universal crisis struck, not pontificate hero by price, 699 pricing levels, thousand-dollar flat stable experience, V88S of the youth a chance and, as a way to give back to the chuwi digital fans, so V88S is quite delightful.

In addition, the chuwi V88S built-in high speed Bluetooth module makes it easy to experience the convenience of wireless transmission, original Smartcover intelligent magnetic wake capabilities, makes the machine more fashionable cool, swinging freely between awaken dormant, can effectively extend product life, independent sound Chamber design, sound quality superior than most domestic brands doubled the volume increase.

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