Why Do You Need A MP5 Player?

With the development of science and technology, people have many tools to entertain, such as, computers, TV, cell phones, MP3 and so on. But when we are on journey, a MP5 must be better a choice. Its unique advantages can smoothes your ups and downs. Also it will be your soul ultimate home and plays the role as a friend to listen to your heart.

Special features of MP5:

1 Transcoding Movies:

This is one of the best features offered to you by a mp5 player. Earlier, you could only play video formats that your mp3 or mp4 player would allow you to. But, in mp5 player, you can transcode movies into RealMedia’s RM and RMVB format video from movie or video websites to your mp5 player.

2 Built-in DV Camera:

You may find that the MP5 player has video capabilities, it’s actually a built-in DV camera which can allow you video playback of those special moments in your life. It also gives you the opportunity for different types of video formats including those that are used with many of the movies today. This means that you can bring your favorite movies along with your digital player and enjoy them away from home.

3 Better TFT Display Screen:

You are likely to be dissatisfied with the disability of your mp4 players to play high resolution videos. Mp5 players have a 2.4 inch vivid color TFT display screen offering you an amazing viewing experience. Hence, now you can say good bye to the painful memories when you had to bear with the low resolution videos on your portable media device.

4 Expandable Memory:

Most people are aware of those expandable memory cameras, and the MP5 player is very similar. It can allow you to add memory easily and quickly with small built in SD or MMC card slots. You can purchase it separately, and actually have these memory cards hold your favorite music or movie, and change them at will.

Mp5 players are essentially an advanced version of portable digital media player that do more than just playing music files. With the phenomenal shift in the portable multimedia technology every year, it has become extremely essential for you to keep updating your portable digital music player in order to synchronize itself with the latest technology. The new mp5 technology has been developed taking the technological transformation into consideration.

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